Passenger Services

Our fleet of late model, full-sized and fully air conditioned sedans are there for you 24/7 for all your personal transportation needs.

Taxi Cab Waterloo Kitchener

Personal Services – From a night out on the town to getting to the game or concert on time, call us when you want the best in courteous, timely service.


Corporate Events – Make sure your employees receive the attention they deserve during corporate events, such as parties, meetings and retreats or golf tournaments. Call ahead and we’ll provide complete fleet service to take your entire staff to its next event.


Patient Transfer – Take the worry out of your hospital or doctor visit with transportation to and from your appointment. We also provide patient transfer services between institutions.


School Pick-Up and Drop-Off – Sometimes work schedules get in the way of transporting your children to and from school, college or university. Arrange for us to take them there and bring them home, worry-free.


Battery Boost – Yes it happens. Your car, truck or minivan just won’t start on those cold mornings. Give us a call and we’ll get you going, often faster than most professional services. A $25 flat fee applies.

Parcel Delivery & Pick-Up

We offer door-to-door service for those time-sensitive packages or documents that must get there on time. Wherever “there” is, we’re there for you.

Taxi Cab Parcel Delivery Pick Up Waterloo Kitchener

Law Offices – We’re on the case with delivery service to and from offices, courtroom or client.


Real Estate Agents – Those new homeowners want their keys NOW. We can help with delivery of keys or time-sensitive documents to and from your clients’ homes or offices.


Labs and Medical Offices – Get those rush lab results, test results or medicines to the doctor, patient or hospital right away.


Retail Store Delivery – Out of something and no way to get it? We can pick up your pre-paid order and bring it to you. The charge is either $8.00 or the ‘store to door’ fare, whichever is higher. From prescriptions to groceries, leave it to us.

Vacation & Business

Pack your bags or briefcase, and start your trip in the relaxing luxury of one of our clean, comfortable sedans. We’ll get your journey off on the right foot, flipper or sandal.

City Cab Waterloo Kitchener

Airport Service – Whether you’re going to Disney for a vacation or to Detroit for business, we provide service to local airports, including Pearson International, at rates that will have you smiling all the way.


VIA Train Service – We’ll get you going no matter what time the conductor shouts, “All aboard!” And for complete service, schedule a return ride to home or office to coincide with your arrival.


Bus Station Service – Taking the cross-country route? Start your trip with City Cab.

Corporate Accounts

If you or your employees are constantly on the road, take the hassle out of your journey with a City Cabs Corporate Account. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your corporate travel needs for the entire organization. We’ll also take care of your clients’ travel needs for your important meetings or presentations. Just let us know where and when, and we’ll treat them like our own.

Corporate Taxi Cab Kitchenr Waterloo

Corporate Account Benefits

  • Our computerized dispatch system records when you make a reservation and stores all of the information for accurate billing and timely service.
  • For your peace of mind, we ensure both passenger and the driver sign the voucher at the destination to ensure secure transactions.
  • We cross reference all vouchers with the information stored in our computer system to ensure there are no overcharges or mis-billings.
  • A detailed invoice is billed monthly, including all actual vouchers used.

Call us to find out more about our Corporate Account Services or apply online now.

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